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Each tutor with Nomad Tutors is an educational professional with experience in teaching and/or tutoring. 

Service 1: Individual tutoring


Tutors will work one-on-one with an individual student in the subject of their choice. Each tutor is matched with a student accourding to their teaching experience and qualified fields.

Service 2: Multiple student tutoring


For students who wish to be tutored at the same time, one tutor is assigned to them (up to a maximum of 3 students at any given time). The students can work on different subjects, however, the tutor wil have to split their time amongst the students. One-on-one tutoring in specified subjects is limited to Service 1: Individual Tutoring.

Service 3: Editing


Nomad Tutors provides editing services for essays, reports and assignments. This service can be done via email or in person. By email, please refer to specified prices. In-person editing is done by a tutor and is considered individual tutoring.

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