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Student Comments
Parent Comments

“I enjoy my tutoring sessions. I feel more confident when writing Math tests and am happier with my marks.”

— Annonymous from Guelph, ON


“My tutor is very down to earth. She explains homework and lessons so that it helps me understand them better. She is always prepared and brings pencils and pens that I can use. She has given me great studying tricks that make me feel better about studying for tests. I am happy with my marks and feel more prepared to go to high school next year. ”

— Adam from Guelph, ON





“ You have been excellent with my daughter, she is very comfortable working with you and has quickly improved in her grades with your help. Your flexibility when she needs additional help is amazing.”

— Nadira from Guelph, ON


“Erin has been working with my children for approximately 2 ½ years. She has a caring and positive attitude and is, at all times, professional. Erin is knowledgeable in all areas of both elementary and secondary curriculum. Erin has also been working with my children on improving such skills as organization, exam preparation and time management. I definitely consider Erin to be an important partner in my children’s education..”

— Linda from Gulph, ON


“ For the past 4 years, Erin has been working with my son on various subjects including Science, Math, Law, and English. She has also helped guide my son through writing the American College Admission tests, the ACT and SAT. She is very flexible with her hours, and often extends her hours during exam time and when culminating tasks are due. When needed, Erin provides academic advice, and helps my son with University and College applications. She pays attention to my sons IEP and designs test studying skills that helps him me his IEP needs.”

— Laraine from Guelph, ON




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